BFR Training for Physically Challenged

How Physically Challenged Can Benefit from Bands

BFR Training for Physically Challenged people will create massive changes in the body that could not normally be attained. People in wheelchairs or walkers can put on B3 Bands and do simple exercises like assisted stand ups/sit downs, light dumbbell curls or even just contracting the muscles. These exercises would normally not create a Growth Hormone release but now with B3 Bands it is possible!

Bands creates a reduced Oxygen in your Legs & Arms when you do Light Exercise:

  • You fatigue faster
  • You fatigue deeper than you would without the B3 Bands
  • The fatigue stimulates a Growth Hormone surge
  • Growth Hormone stimulates functional change and healing
  • Growth Hormone stimulates additional anti-aging benefits
  • Your Heart, Lungs, Brain, and Bones all benefit from exercise with BFR Bands

Watch this video to see how Homer went from not being able to stand/balance on his own to standing after 3 weeks of using the B3 Bands!

Watch this video to see how Marcus Praahl works out in his wheelchair with B3 Bands.

BFR Studies / Peer Reviews